SC Work Ready Communities

Get Started

Organize your local team/committee

Counties must build their teams with local stakeholders. Members should have a strong commitment to this effort as they will be essential to the long term outcome. We suggest each team have a champion who will have the time to ensure success for your county.

Members should include (but not limited to):

  • School District Representative (Superintendent, Principal, etc.)
  • Technical College Representative (President, VP, etc.)
  • Industry Representatives (2 or 3 major industries in the county)
  • Local Chamber of Commerce Representative
  • Local Workforce Board Representation (Board Member or Administrator)
  • Elected Officials (Mayor, School Board, Local State Delegation Member)
  • Other Workforce Partners (Vocational Rehabilitation, DSS, etc.)


Assess your county goals, using ACT National Framework

Each county has goals specific to its population, labor force, and number of businesses. Find your county goals by clicking here.

Develop your county plan to reach threshold criteria

As part of the application, you will be required to submit a plan of action for achieving your goals. When your application is approved, participating counties will become a SC Work Ready Community in Progress. You may submit complementary information regarding your community that your Team considers significant information.

Prepare Application

You will be required to gather letters of commitment from each of your Team members. A sample of this letter may be found in the application package. The name of the primary contact person for this initiative will need to be included.