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What is the NCRC?

A National Career Readiness Certificate Plus (NCRC) is a portable, skill-based certificate that will assist in obtaining employment. The NCRC complements credentials suchs as a high school diploma, industry certificate or college degree. Proof of academic achievement is an important factor in hiring.

What is the benefit of earning a NCRC?

As a certification of your foundational workplace skills, the NCRC gives an employer additional insight into your qualifications. Earning the NCRC demonstrates your willingness and ability to prove the skills important to today’s workplace. The NCRC gives you a competitive edge whether you are applying for a job or working toward a promotion.

Additional benefits include:

  • Confidence that foundational skills meet the needs of local employers.
  • Ranking above other job applicants lacking an NCRC.
  • Better understanding of employers’ requirements for job performance.
  • Determining skill improvements and training opportunities.
  • Realizing opportunities for career advancement and promotions.
  • Demonstrating on a resume an understanding of skills employers want.

What does the certificate document?

This certificate is an accurate measurement of what you can do, rather than what you know. The NCRC Plus documents your skill level in the following four areas, which are highly important to the majority of jobs in the workplace.

Applied Mathematics
How you apply mathematical reasoning, critical thinking and problem-solving techniques to work-related problems.

Reading for Information
How you read and use written text in order to do your job. Written texts include letters, directions, signs, notices, policies and regulations.

Locating Information
How you use graphics such as charts, graphs and tables to find information you need for your job.

Talent (Soft Skills Assessment)
How you apply yourself in the day to day duties within the workplace.

Certificate benefits

  • Be confident in your skills when you earn a nationally recognized, portable credential.
  • Stand out to employers that prefer the NCRC in their hiring practices.
  • Gain a competitive edge when you are applying for a job or working toward a promotion at a company that prefers the NCRC.
  • Be acknowledged for the skills you have worked hard to gain.

Although I had no manufacturing experience, my WorkKeys scores helped me to get the job at Elite.

-Sheila Crosby Wicker, Elite ES Associate