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Why is NCRC Important to Employers?

Connecting employers to a skilled workforce

Rapid global advances in industry and technology increase the pace of change facing South Carolina employers. The challenge and the opportunity are the same – to build and maintain a skilled workforce that can readily adapt to market demands.

To do so, South Carolina employers need an objective method to measure and document essential skills related to employment.

As an employer, you know the importance of hiring the right person. You want to start by drawing from a pool of qualified applicants with assurance that they will have the skills needed for successful job performance. After all, the success of your organization hinges on the strength of your workforce.

The National Career Readiness Certificate is an objective measure of work-related skills – a tool that helps you hire and retain qualified employees

The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a nationally recognized certificate providing objective documentation of employees’ skills. It delivers assurance to employers that workers have the foundational skills needed to succeed in today’s jobs. It also gives job applicants a tangible way to verify the skills needed to stand out to employers.

Employers who use the certificate attract qualified employees, and it can be incorporated into existing hiring practices.

How does our business start using NCRC within our human resources functions?

Businesses can recommend that individuals have an NCRC, prefer that individuals have and NCRC or recommend that individuals have specific scores on each of the core competencies. Businesses can at anytime recommend or prefer that individuals have a nationally recognized portable credential. However, if a business wants to recommend that an individual have specific WorkKeys scores, a company will have to have the specific job opening profiled.

Businesses cannot require that an individual applying for an open position have a specific WorkKeys score for the three basic assessments unless a job profile has been conducted that outlines the necessary skills needed for a specific position. Businesses could be subject to EEOC and other employment laws if this is misrepresented. 

How does our business get involved in the Work Ready Communities initiative?

If you are interested in supporting your community’s efforts and taking a stand for a stronger workforce, please consider becoming a South Carolina CWRC Business Champion. This will involve:

  •     Profiling key jobs (job profiling is a job analysis system that identifies the exact skill levels required for success in a given position)
  •     Using job profiles and the NCRC as part of your hiring and training process
  •     Sharing with others how your company is benefiting from participating


Businesses can sign up to support their local Work Ready Community by completing the ACT form at:

For additional information about Job Profile, please visit

WorkKeys has helped up to identify critical skills needed to achieve our goals in Safety, Quality, and Productivity. It also has provided us an opportunity to ensure employees have the right skill sets and abilities to perform manufacturing jobs. Over the past 12 years, through numerous initiatives including WorkKeys, our Safety Performance and Incident Rates have drastically improved to appear well below the National Average.

- Chuck Watts, HR Director - CMC Steel