SC Work Ready Communities

SC Work Ready

A Work Ready Community is a measure of the quality of a county’s workforce. It is an assurance to business and industry that the community is committed to providing the highly skilled workforce required in today’s competitive economy.

South Carolina’s initiative certifies the quality of the workforce based on 4 criteria. Counties must meet goals for high school graduation, soft skills development, business support, and National Career Readiness Certificate holders.

On behalf of the State of South Carolina, members of the South Carolina Workforce Investment Board, and the State Leadership Team certify counties as Work Ready when each of the 4 criteria are met. Click here to see your county’s criteria. Counties close to meeting the criteria and presenting plans to achieve the goals within two years can be considered as Work Ready Community in Progress, indicating a community commitment to meet the skilled workforce needs of business and industry.

Developing a highly skilled and well-educated workforce is integral to increased job opportunities and security for dynamic companies. The public and private sectors must continue to work together to ensure workforce needs are addressed and strategies successfully implemented. The SCWRC initiative will enable counties to demonstrate that they have a ready workforce that is skilled, productive and globally competitive.

- Jim Reynolds, Past Chairman - SC Chamber of Commerce