SC Work Ready Communities



At its core, South Carolina Work Ready Communities (SCWRC) is a tool used to measure the quality and capability of a county’s workforce.

Here’s how it works.

Public and private sector leaders – including local educators, elected officials, chambers of commerce, economic developers, workforce development boards, government agencies and businesses – are the drivers of the SCWRC initiative.

County representatives provide leadership, planning and implementation, local businesses officially support the initiative, individuals undergo certification and each county showcases its assets.

If we each do our part, we can make all of our communities South Carolina Work Ready Communities.

The ultimate goal is for each county in South Carolina to meet common criteria so that, one by one, every community becomes a Certified Work Ready Community. A Certified Work Ready state would mean unlimited potential for economic growth and more opportunities for South Carolinians by allowing communities a feasible way to continually highlight workforce development efforts.